Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Songs That Strike A Chord: KT Tunstall - (Still A) Weirdo

I decided to expand my blog a bit, because books are not the only thing I love talking about. I interact with and respond to movies (which I already started blogging about this week as an extension of the books I read) and music. So I get to chatter about those too now!

Every so often (or more than that, actually, but you know what I mean) I hear a song that means something to me, that seems to apply to me somehow. Yesterday, I heard KT Tunstall's new(ish) album, Tiger Suit, and I immediately bought it. It has so many great songs! The one that "struck a chord" and actually made me laugh at myself a bit is "(Still A) Weirdo." Here is is:

What made me laugh is this: You know the girl in books and movies who's always trying to fit in with the cool crowd, wearing what they wear, etc., like Claire in The Clique? Well, that was me - sort of. My group of friends was not the in-crowd, and never dressed like them. But I wanted to look like them, so when I shopped, I always tried to get clothes that I imagined one of the in-girls would wear. I was always wrong. And I ended up looking like a wannabe. By now, I know I'm "never quite elegant, (Still A) Weirdo after all these years." OK, so not a weirdo, but not fitting the uniformity either. I stopped trying to conform and started figuring out what my own style is - and I like it! But what brought this to my mind now was the combination of hearing this song and seeing my little 13-year-old sister coming home after going shopping with my mother - with all the latest styles and fashions! And I'm past wanting to look like that (mostly) but it rankled a bit, in a funny, laugh-at-myself type of way, that my sister finds the "in" stuff so effortlessly, when I, who grew up with the same mother shopping with me, could never quite get it! Ah, well - I'll get more comfortable with my own style as I live in it more, I guess!


  1. The song kind of reminds me of Radiohead's Creep.

    I have a cousin just like that. As for me, I've always had this eclectic kind of style. It's still like that and I love it. Sometimes it's more of a "stylish/in" thing and others it's like a "grandma style," but mostly it's a bit of everything ;) The thing that helps is not caring what others think.

  2. Yup, I absolutely agree! I just bought a few new tops, and I wasn't thinking about what people would think about them when I bought them, and when I tried them on at home, I felt so ME!