Sunday, October 10, 2010

In My Mailbox 6

In My Mailbox is a meme started by The Story Siren, where bloggers post any new books they bought, received, borrowed, etc.

I went to the library on Friday to pick up (and return) a book I had on reserve, and since that meant my bookshelf was empty now (though I had absolutely zero minutes to myself to read over the past week), I went to browse the shelves and see if I could pick up some new books. To my surprise! The first place I always go is Nora Roberts, though by now it's pointless because I've read all the books that my branch has. But this time, I found four books I have not read yet! Plus another book I haven't read in a while, so it's good re-reading. I felt a little guilty emptying the shelves of all the Nora Roberts books, because that means someone else coming to look for them won't find any, but oh, well. Sometimes you gotta be selfish and that's all there is to it!

So here are the books I have on my shelf now (I won't include the GRE book I picked up and have yet to open...):

Books One and Two of the Bride Quartet: Vision In White and Bed of Roses. I read the third book already, Savor the Moment, and I look forward to reading more about these characters!

Where the Heart Is, containing From This Day and Her Mother's Keeper
Irish Hearts, containing Irish Thoroughbred (Nora Roberts's first novel!) and Irish Rose

I love two-for-ones, don't you?

And finally, a meatier, more romantic suspense than pure romance novel, Black Hills:


  1. I enjoy Nora...I in fact own all of those LOL..I was a little obsessed last yr :) Black Hills are pretty good, I enjoyed it. Great post! My IMM is here:

  2. Yay! Another Nora fan! Do you also read her J.D. Robb books? I love those too. My Monday Report is here. Happy reading!

  3. Yes, I read J.D. Robb just as obsessively as I read Nora! I totally love Eve and Roarke, and Peabody and McNab, and Mavis and Leonardo - and just about all the good guys in those books!

    What do you think about the rumor that a movie is going to made of that series soon? I've seen Nora's Lifetime movies, but I wouldn't want my imagined Eve and Roarke to be ruined by a movie. How about you?