Editing Services

If you've read my blog, you know that I analyze (and sometimes overanalyze) the books I read. I do this professionally also! I'm a freelance editor, and I can help polish your writing before you submit it to agents or before you self-publish.

What I will do:

Developmental Edit
I will read your manuscript and make comments and suggestions about character development, plot arc, tone and style, setting description, theme details, etc. I will keep a document tracking details of each character, setting, plot point, and basically everything down to the color of a character's shoes in any particular scene. As I work I will ask you about points in the story that seem confusing or that could use elaboration. 

I will then mark up the manuscript using Word's Track Changes feature, inserting comments in the margins, and will also create a separate document with detailed comments and questions about the story. A developmental edit benefits from a few rounds of edits and revisions, so after I return the comments to you, you and I will discuss them and then you will use the comments and discussions to decide what to change in your manuscript. We'll then start all over again! We'll do this until you're satisfied with the state of your book.

Line Edit
I will do a close reading of your manuscript and will point out or make suggestions for changes of any awkward constructions, repetitious wording, usage problems, etc.

A basic check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

What I work on:
Fiction: I am most suited to working with Young Adult novels, but I am qualified to work with any novel, Middle Grade through adult (not picture books or chapter books meant for younger than age 9/grade 3).
     Genres: As you can tell from reading this blog, I tend to read a lot of fantasy and paranormal, which means I am very aware of trends in the market for these genres, as well as YA or New Adult Contemporary novels. I also read a lot of romantic suspense (though I don't blog about it as often), and I am familiar with this and women's fiction. 
I can't work with erotica or horror novels. 
Any other genre, query me with details and I'll let you know if I feel comfortable taking on that project.

Essays, Research Papers, Personal Statements, or Applications: I am experienced in working with students on term papers, personal statements, cover letters, etc. This includes longer papers such as Master's theses or dissertations. I will work with you more closely on this, with the option of Skype or phone sessions so that we can hash out the best way of presenting your paper or statement. A modified version of the above described developmental edit, line edit, or copyedit will be used here to ensure academic integrity.

To contact me about a project, email me at ebernstein88 (at) gmail (dot) com, subject line EDIT JOB. Include an explanation of what kind of project you have, the length of the manuscript, a sample chapter, and what you're looking to have done with it, and I'll respond with rates.

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