Saturday, October 16, 2010

Irish Hearts: Irish Thoroughbred

Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Silhouette Books
Released: 2007 (originally 1981)
Genre: Romance

Usually I would wait to read both books in a "double-feature" like this one, but with the way my schedule has been lately, I don't know when I'll get a chance to read Irish Rose (and besides, I have some new books waiting, thanks to NetGalley, so I'll put off re-reading favorites for a while), so I figured I'll post my thoughts on it now!

Adelia Cunnane is coming from Ireland, having lost her aunt and her farm in a series of crushing blows, to stay with her uncle on Travis Grant's horse farm. She doesn't count on falling for the imperious, handsome Travis and doesn't expect him to return her love when she does. But when fate brings them closer together than she dreamed of, though Travis still remains distant, she has a chance at true love with the man of her dreams.

This is Nora Roberts's first novel published, and I loved seeing her earlier work before she started writing complex romantic-suspense novels. It's proof of her amazing talent that her first published novel, though mainly following basic romance conventions, still manages to have fully three-dimensional characters with real plot and emotions. Adelia is a sort of prototype for Nora's later heroines, who are usually feisty and independent, and the same with Travis, who is strong, totally masculine, and loves Adelia's hot temper. The plot is detailed and not there simply to further the romance, but actually makes sense on its own as well. And yes, the romance is a large part of the plot! But still, every part of the plot, connected to the romance or not, is there for a reason and is not at all contrived. I love romance, but I love romance that makes sense - and this book delivers in every single way!

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