Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Kiss Test

Author: Shannon McKelden
Publisher: Carina (Harlequin)
Released: October 11, 2010
Genre: Romance

Margo's life is falling apart. She lost her job, her boyfriend asked her to marry him - the horror - and then dumped her when she refused, her mother is getting married for the eleventh time and wants her daughter there, and then she falls and hits her head so badly that she can't stand up for a week. The only thing going for her is an award that she is traveling across the country to get. Her best friend, Chris, insists that he accompany her as she is still woozy, and feelings Margo hadn't known existed bloom and develop between her and Chris.

To be perfectly fair: objectively, I can say this is a good book. It moves fast, it has just the right amount of romance and a bit of a plot holding it together. It's a perfect Harlequin romance. I guess my mistake was thinking that I like romance. I do, but I like romance novels that have more plot and more intricate character development. So while this didn't do much for me, if you like fluffy romances, this fits the bill very well.

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