Monday, January 17, 2011

First Impressions & The Gift

Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Silhouette Books
Genre: Romance
First Impressions: 1984
The Gift: 2004
(Home for Christmas: 1986,  
All I Want for Christmas: 1994)

If you can't tell by looking around this blog, I'll tell you - I love Nora Roberts. OK, so that's an understatement. I'm a bit obsessed with her books. But here's the thing. After I had read some of her books - the first one I read was Birthright -  I thought I really like romance, and so I tried out some other authors of romance, mostly Harlequin books. I found very quickly that I much prefer Nora's style and the way she has an actual plot to her books, not just an unlikely pairing and a lot of hot kissing. So I find it interesting to see Nora's early work, where she does stick to the basic romance formula. More fascinating is that even when her books don't have the complexity of her later books, the characters are still real, believable people, not stock, cardboard figures. And the emotion - that's the best part of all her books, and that's a part of her books from before she fully developed as a writer as well. I love this glimpse into her past, and sort of seeing her progress from simple romance writer to a best-selling, writing ten books a year, beloved by millions author.

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