Sunday, January 23, 2011

Debut Author 2011 Challenge

I've been thinking about joining the 2011 Debut YA Author Challenge, but I've been scared that with my crazy school schedule piling up, I won't have time to do it. Then I decided - what's wrong with me??? This is the perfect way to force myself to keep my head in the YA world, because even though I truly love the work I'm doing for school, every time I read a good YA book, I feel like I've come up for air and I'm so refreshed that I can dive back in and swim swim swim for a while - until the next break. And I love feeling like I know what's going on in the YA publishing world. So, so what if I don't complete the challenge? I'm joining!

So far I've read one book that qualifies for the challenge: Here Lies Bridget, by Paige Harbison. I've read other YA 2011 debuts, like Delirium, but they don't qualify because I read ARCs in 2010, and one of the rules of the DAC is that it has to be read in 2011. Which means that I'll have to read more - not a hardship!

Read about the DAC, hosted by the Story Siren.


  1. You can do it! It's only 12 books for the entire year if you look at it that way :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! It's not the amount of books I'm worried about, because I read far more than 12 books a year. It's that I have to keep track of which ones are 2011 debuts! But I've started keeping a list, and Kristi's spreadsheet on The Story Siren is definitely helpful!

  3. I think you should go for it. But, if you're worried break it down into small parts: just one book per month. I'd also suggest selecting books with less than 300 pages. Then, look at it like, all I have to do to achieve this goal is to read ten pages per night. Hmmm, how long should reading a page take, probably 1 minute for a slow reader pace. So an estimate would be 10min per day. *** You can do that? **** Right???