Saturday, October 22, 2011

Love Story

Author: Jennifer Echols
Publisher: MTV Books
Released: 2011
Genre: YA Romance
Source: Bought

Erin is in a New York college, majoring in creative writing and far away from the horse farm her grandmother wants her to run someday. The horse farm she gave to the stable boy when she learned that Erin would not study business to prepare to run the farm. Erin's okay with toughing it out and living as a penniless artist, and she pours her frustration and fascination with the stable boy into her first story as a sexy romance - and is utterly thrown when that stable boy walks into her class in time to critique the story - about himself! The battle of the tales begins, as Erin and Hunter try to figure out what the other is saying in the thinly veiled stories, and maybe to rewrite the story between themselves.

Wow. Just - wow. I love love love love this book! It's so real, the emotions so big and life-size, the feelings of love and of betrayal so strong. The cast of roommates is very compelling, with all their eccentricities and ticks. And Erin and Hunter are such three-dimensional characters, layers being peeled back with each page, complicating their love story. What complicates it even more is their misreading of each other, so that in an inverse way, this book reads like a take on Pride and Prejudice.

The main shtick of the book - the stories that Erin and Hunter write - works really really well. The stories reveal clearly what they're thinking, and at times obscure what they're thinking, and the way they're interspersed throughout the narrative feels so natural. It's the stories that write the love story!

A thoroughly enjoyable read and one I'm likely to revisit again and again!

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