Saturday, October 22, 2011

Angel Fire

Author: L.A. Weatherly
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Release Date: December 2011
Genre: YA Paranormal
Series: Angel Trilogy
Source: ARC from Publisher

After their failed attempt to stop the Second Wave of angels entering their world to feed off humans' energy - making them utterly devoted to angels and irreparably damaged - Alex and Willow head south to regroup and figure out what their next steps should be - while dodging the fanatics ready to turn them in to the angels for death. To their surprise, a group of Angel Killers is already in Mexico City, and they team up to plan the complete destruction of all angles. But nothing can change the fact that Willow is half-angel, and she has to deal with the suspicions and mistrust of the group. Which is partly why she is so happy when Seb shows up - Seb, another half-angel. Alex isn't so happy with Seb's appearance, not least because he commands so much of Willow's time and attention. And on top of that, the team isn't even aware of the extreme danger they're walking into with their supposedly fail-proof plan...

What a great second book in the trilogy! In Angel Burn, we got to know Alex and Willow, and how badly the angels affect our world. In Angel Fire, we care so much about these characters and this world that when the book just jumps right into their problems and pain, we can feel it all along with them.

I love the alternating viewpoints. L.A. Weatherly does it so skillfully - keeping Willow's first-person narrative, but jumping between Alex, Seb, and even Raziel! Seeing all sides of the story makes for such a rich, satisfying experience. And it keeps you biting your nails when you see Raziel's scheming and the AK's helpless entrapment...

And I really love the relationships in this book! I already said that Alex and Willow became my favorite YA couple after Angel Burn, and this book is no different, though with the addition of Seb, things get interesting... I won't give it away, because guessing what would happen to Willow's relationship with these two guys is part of what makes the book so compelling.

It's the emotions that drive this book rather than solely action, and in fact there are only a few action scenes - but the constant ride of emotions is so amazing. You really feel the despair, triumph, pain, searing love, betrayal... It totally jumps off the page right at you!

And now we have to wait a whole year for Angel Fever! Can I hold out that long?

(By the way - the UK version was released in October, and has a different cover:
I personally think the UK covers are sooo much better - aside from the fact that they match each other, they also capture the emotion of the books. What do you think?)

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