Friday, December 14, 2012


Author: Stephanie Guerra
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
Editor: Marilyn Brigham
Released: May 15, 2012
Genre: YA Contemporary
Series: No
Source: Kindle
Stella is captivated by Ruby from the moment Ruby makes her grand entrance into class as a new student. When Ruby singles her out for friendship, Stella gets a taste of what taking risks and living on the wild side feels like. But it comes at the expense of her old friends who disapprove of Ruby, and Stella is left to choose whether to stand by Ruby and become a social pariah or to go back to her old friends and reclaim her previous comfortable place on the social ladder. When things seem to be spiraling way out of control, Stella makes a desperate attempt to set things straight and salvage her life - but is it too late?
I love the way Stella's descent into madness is so vividly and realistically portrayed. It's gradual, one little thing at a time, so it feels natural, and I felt the whole time like I was watching it happen. Ruby is definitely a fun character to read about, but she also pulls at your heartstrings quite a bit. Stella's home life also plays on your emotions, and the way she balances everything adds to the complexity of the story.

Though I do wish some points had been more developed - like her home life, particularly her relationship with her mother. Her sister's relationship with Stella is fully developed, but I feel like there are some points with her mother that could have been explored more. Her relationship with Mike also. That's laden with psychological possibilities, but it gets superficial treatment.

Stella's relationship with Ruby, though, is so real, so believable. And the way everything wraps up at the end - beautiful!

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