Monday, December 31, 2012

Chasing Fire

Author: Nora Roberts
Author's Website:
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons
Released: April 3, 2012
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: No
Source: Library

Rowan Tripp has been jumping fire for quite some time now, but this season, everything changes. First, there's the rookie, Gull, who challenges her rule of not getting romantically involved with her colleagues, wearing down her resistance with charm and personality. Then there's the more sinister angle of the season, with someone obviously out to get her and her team, aiming to wound or even kill members of the squad as payback for last year's tragedy. Rowan knows she has to keep her wits about her at all times, in the plane and on the ground when she's fighting fire, but all these distractions make it difficult. She has to figure out how to let someone in and be a part of her life, to have someone to lean on in the hard times, without allowing it to overtake her.
What struck me most about this book is the amount of research that must have gone into getting every detail of fighting fires exactly right! Each fire that they battle is described in its own way, each time they have to choose different strategies based on the nature of each fire, and it amazed me how many variations there are in it, that it's not just going in there and spraying water on the fire. And that Nora Roberts was able to vary things in that area is an amazing feat in itself!

The romance in this book takes a bit of a back burner to the suspense portion of the story. The focus is on the danger and on figuring out who the perpetrator is. I guessed early on who it was, but I kept doubting myself as new information came in - which is the point. I was a little disappointed in that I felt it was unreal that the police would keep the same suspect they first charge with the crime, because it looks like he was set up right from the beginning, and as things progress, it becomes clearer and clearer that he didn't do anything. 

But overall, I was fully engrossed in the story and enjoyed it very much.

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