Monday, October 22, 2012


Author: Kiersten White
Author's Blog:
Publisher: HarperTeen
Editor: Erica Sussman
Agent: Michelle Wolfson at Wolfson Literary
Released: July 24, 2012
Genre: YA Paranormal
Series: Paranormalcy #3
Source: Bought

All Evie wants is to settle down in very normal high school life, with all her clubs and planning the dance. But when management changes at the IPCA mean that she's being stalked and "asked" to come back to headquarters, when the Dark Queen is torturing humans, when every paranormal creature believes that Evie and Evie alone can help them - what's a girl to do? Evie fights it every step of the way, but with the help of friends - and some not-so-friends - she manages to get into and out of danger about a million times a day. And then she makes a decision that affects the rest of her life, permanently and without a chance to change it ever.
What an end to the series! Fast and fun, exactly like Evie. As everything builds to the final moments in this book, it becomes Evie concentrated, with all her personality coming through full force. But at the same time, she's changed since the beginning of the series in very slight, subtle ways. She definitely takes more responsibility for her actions in this book than she does in the first - though Reth doesn't seem to think so! And she has the courage to face a really difficult decision with maturity and clarity, thinking it through rationally and making a decision, and then telling Lend her decision calmly and clearly. 

Still, with these changes, the book has the same light, sarcastic tone, with all the characters constantly getting on each others' nerves and getting into little - erm, disagreements. I love it! The way they all work together, but at the same time, they are all so completely different, their personalities clashing at every turn. It certainly messes up the plans a number of times!

And the plan, the plans... Evie is sick of plans by the end of the book, but I'm not. I love seeing each plan, how they set it up - or not - how it falls to pieces and they fumble to piece something together in the thick of the action. It's nonstop from one to the next, lots of improvisation, and that means that we get to see a lot more of each character, as each one responds with his or her own unique style. They're thinking on their feet, reacting instinctively, and I love how each one's reaction matches their personalities so perfectly.

I flew through this book. It's not just that the action was nonstop, it's the way the story is told - there are some really heavy moments, like when Evie sees how the Dark Queen is torturing humans, but in general, the events are narrated with a tone that makes it so easy to read, that makes the words flow off the page. There's banter among the characters, but even when there isn't, the story is fun.

And I love the way it ends. Evie's decisions seem impossible, but it all works out, with unexpected sacrifices. A perfect end to a perfect series.

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