Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Challenges 2012

2011 was the first year I participated in reading challenges, and I'm happy to say I'll be joining some for 2012 now!

I will be joining:

The 2012 YA Debut Author Challenge
 Hosted by The Story Siren

Witchy Books Reading Challenge 2012
Hosted by Pagan-Culture

Mystery and Suspense Reading Challenge 2012
Hosted by Book Chick City

Speculative Romance Challenge 2012
Hosted by Book Chick City

 The Dystopia Challenge

Hosted by Bookish Ardour

YA/MG Fantasy Challenge 2012
Hosted by The Book Cellar

I don't know how many books I'll be doing for each challenge - except YA Debut Authors, that's set at 12. Being that I'll have time in January, but then the next four months will be crazy busy (I'm taking 21 credits - call me crazy, I know I am), and I have no clue what I'll be doing in the summer or the rest of 2012 - whether I'll be working, or abroad, or what - so I have no idea how much time I'll have for this. But I plan on doing the minimum for each at the very least!


  1. I'm feeling a special kind of weakness towards the YA debut author challenge. I told myself that I wasn't going to enter any more challenges, but I'm weak! First books, YA in particular, are so interesting and fun.

  2. I know, we have no self-control when it comes to committing to read! Not entirely a bad thing... I participated in the YA DAC challenge this year, and it was great. I discovered a lot of new authors and some great new voices.

  3. I've just published a post where you can link the reviews to your witchy readings for January, February and March. Here it is the link: